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Free Shipping Over $50.00 | First Order 5% OFF Code: NEWLS5

Lightspark™ Musical Lamp FAQs

When you unplug the lamp, does it remembers its last setup (colors and modes)? so I could use it with a smart plug with Siri.

Yes it supports memory function, each time you turn it off and back on it will show the same color and mode.

Can this be set to white light only?

Yes it is, I stuck two lamps beside my bed, when using white light bright as a bedside lamp, can also read books as a desk lamp.

What is the name of the app for download?

It is called "LED LAMP" and is a very useful and quick Bluetooth app of our own design (it can be used without an internet connection), but at the moment it can only be downloaded via the QR code next to the product button (and on the manual).

Could timed turn on off?

Sure, you can set any time in dates to auto turn on off.
Page: LED DMX - Setting(top right corner) - Timer - Add Timer+ - Choose mode(1-210),Choose week(Mon-Sun), set time (00:00-23:39)

Does this stick to wall with 3m tape? Is the tape for wall included?

Yes, including a base sticker which sticky superb, do not need to buy separately. (PS: Once stuck on the hard to take off, may damage the wall)

How many watts of power does this device consume?

It's 10W and much brighter than my former Govee and Philip ambient lamp.

How bright is it? What kind of battery?

1-400LM. It can create a better atmosphere, be used as a table lamp, wall lamp and other atmosphere decoration.But not a main lighting lamp. Does not take batteries it plugs into a USB outlet pretty cool.

How long is the USB-C cord from the control box to the lamp?

About 1.5m. For me is enough.

Does the mobile and lamp button supports turn on off?

Yes, triply ways via mobile, remote control and lamp button supports turn on and off.

Is the LED bulb replaceable?

Sorry, it cannot be replaced. But we can provide non-human fault replacement within three months.

How many lights can be controlled at the same time? I manage a bar, I 'd like to control them together to create the atmosphere

Certainly. Up to 10 at the same time with APP Bluetooth, and remote control can control as most as possible at the same time. (need the remote control to be aligned with infrared)

How is the dimmable via voice function?

Through the receiver in button to flash and change the intensity, not dynamic color change for the time being, but you can switch modes while "record" mode, this function has 255 modes can be auto switched, you can also adjust the brightness and speed.